E/41A1 DP1 Deltic prototypegloss blue

E/41A2 DP1 Deltic prototype LNER gloss apple green

E/41A3 Deltic two tone grey

E/41B1 BR Green (grey roof, white cab, no yellow panel & headcode)

E/41B2 BR Green (grey roof, white cab with yellow panel & headcode)

E/41C1 BR Blue (white cab, large yellow front & headcode)

E/41C2 BR Blue (filled in quarter windows, large yellow front)

E/41D Porterbrook Leasing Purple & white

Included with this loco are the HB/7 ‘The White Rose” and HB/8 “The Shamrock” Headboards

Please scroll down for the Locomotive reference – Letters, Custom Names & Numbers. All nameplates are polished aluminium with red background.


Please Note: These Locomotives run on 3ft Radius curves


  Type A2