The current range of ACE Trains gauge 0 Locomotives are listed below with the relevant details on info pages. Prices exclude carriage and are subject to change. More detail about each product via the ‘More info’ buttons.

All production since 2008 have an inbuilt 2/3 rail facility.

The average amp draw on normal loads is 1.5 amps. Locomotives operate on varying loads from 5 to 20 volts. All motors are rated up to 24 volts.

All Prices subject to carriage where relevant


Track Compatibility

In order to provide some useful information I’m planning to put a short piece on our web site seeking to provide a clear and unequivocal position about running ACE Trains on Peco track. The following is a first draft and I would welcome any comments to further enhance its value to would be customers.

“ACE wheels have a back to back of 27.5 mm with slightly reduced flange depths than other coarse scale model railway manufacturers. This makes them suitable for most proprietary two and three rail tracks including tubular tinplate styles and Peco’s range of codes 124 bullhead, 143 flat bottom and SM 32 two rail track.

Running ACE locomotives, coaches and freight stock produced since 2008 on 124 bullhead, 143 flatbottom and SM 32 two rail track should present no problem as the flange wheel depth should not rub against the chair bottom.

With Peco manufactured points some adjustments will be necessary to remove the check rail as the point is no longer produced with an adjustable screw. Railway modellers may prefer to build their own points to their specifications using Peco’s standard point parts.

ACE locomotives, coaches and freight stock manufactured before 2008 has been produced to a coarse scale standard and is designed for three rail running”.
Martyn Pryng


E/42 LMS 5XP – BR 6P/5F  4-6-0

Now ordering. Contact us on 020 7727 1592 for full listing


£685 Standard names

£700 Custom names with £50 non-refundable deposit – only available until October 31st 2021.

King Arthur Class

E/34 SR/BR 4-6-0  


British Railways 9F Class

E/28  2-10-0


‘What an absolute stunner –  I am over the moon with it’.     Tom B

GWR Churchward

E/37 GWR Churchward 2-6-0 Mogul

(Pre-Production sample, coal load to be added)



Black 5 LMS 5P/5F BR 5MT

E/19 Stanier 4-6-0

In stock 


8F Stanier

E/38 LMS/LNER/BR 2-8-0

The Production Black 8Fs will have black rimmed wheels


£725 – LMS maroon only


4F Fowler

E/5-3 Fowler 0-6-0


Sold Out