Brilliantly Old Fashioned

Brilliantly old fashioned

ACE London have established their products as the most desirable and collectable ‘O’ gauge model trains available today – faithful to time honoured traditions of craftsmanship and attention to detail, which were established in the victorian and edwardian eras.

We, Charlotte and Allen Levy and/or ACE Trains Ltd have sole and legal rights over all trademarks and the name ACE Trains. All ACE Trains models are clearly marked by metal plates, litho printing, padstamping and/or metal stamping on the undersides. 

The Deltics are coming! And our 8F is available now.

See our current availability of ACE Trains Locomotives on our Products page. And also items in production and imminent on New Projects.

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We advertise in several interest group journals at various times, Gauge O Guild Gazette,Train Collector, Bassett-Lowke News and HRCA Journal.



We have found the last copies of books published by New Cavendish Books in our garage! Take a look at our Miscellaneous and Books page.

Our next Steam outline locomotive will be the ex-LMS Patriot class 4-6-0. Available in both LMS and later BR liveries in late Autumn. Retail at £685 for standard names (plus £15 for customised name and number). 



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We issue a Newsletter from time to time, if you wish to receive this digital mailing please contact us via email. We are also regular exhibitors at the Barry Potter Sandown Toy Fairs with a working layout demonstrating ACE Trains including testing facilities for new acquisitions.

ACE Trains E/42  4-6-0 Patriot

LMS 5XP – BR 6P/5F

Due in late May 2022 in various LMS and BR liveries. Suitable for 2/3 Rail, DC only. Supplied with ‘The Midlander’ and ‘The Comet’ headboards.

E/42 B Pre-War LMS gloss lined maroon – £685 Standard names and E/42 B1 Pre-War LMS gloss lined maroon – £700 Custom names & number. £50 deposit

E/42 C Post-War LMS gloss lined black – £700 Custom names & number. £50 deposit

E/42 D BR gloss lined black – £700 Custom names & number. £50 deposit

E/42 E Pre-’56 BR gloss lined green – £685 Standard names and E/42 E1 Pre ’56 BR gloss lined green – £700 Custom names & number. £50 deposit

E/42 G Post ’56 BR gloss lined green – £685 Standard names and E/42G1 Post ’56 BR gloss lined green – £700 Custom names & number. £50 deposit

Deposits non-refundable as plates will be made on our receiving an order.



Best in Class for 25 years

A tribute to 25 years of making the very best 0 gauge trains. Shot on the new Red Tree Garden Railway in London in late summer 2020, this short film showcases some of our favourite projects and gives an insight into a little of the history of ACE Trains.

(I would like to apologise for my slightly croaky voice at the time of recording!)