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The current range of ACE Trains accessories are listed below with the relevant details, prices and postage etc.

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All retro Coach Interior Kits for ACE Coaches

C/1-int 35cm Non-Corridor Stock

£9.95 for Set of three coaches.

C/2 Not available

C/3-int LMS Main Line Coach Kits

£12. Per three coaches.

C/4-int LNER Gresley Bow Ended Stock

£20 for 7 coaches.

C/5-int BR Mk1 Coaches

£20 for 7 coaches.

C/6-C/7-C/8-C/9-C/10-C/11 Not available.

C/24-int ACE/Wright 6 wheel Vans

£9.95 Set of three coaches.

All Metropolitan Coaches Not available.

C/12-int Coach Interior Kits.

Kits to fit all previously made GWR Hawksworth and Collett C/12 40cm coaches made by ACE Trains.

Sold in complete sets to suit all seven coaches  


C/13-int Coach Interior Kits.

Kits to fit all previously made BR MK1

C/13 40cm coaches made by ACE Trains.

Note: these kits can very easily be used on all previously made C/4 LNER teak and C/5 BR MK1 blood and custard 35cm coaches.

Sold in complete sets to suit all seven coaches


C/14-int Coach Interior Kits.

Kits to fit all previously made BR Pullman MK1 coaches.

Sold in complete sets to fit all seven coaches


Plus Postage.



Fitting Instructions


ACE Brilliantly Old Fashioned.

Hard back book 'The Story of ACE Trains'.

A complete history to celebrate the first

ten yearsof ACE Trains.

Price £14.95 Plus Postage.

AC/1a Extension Platforms.

To enable the standard AC/1 station

platforms to be extended.

Price £35.00p Plus Postage.

ACE Trains A4 Locomotives Poster.

An A1 print 84cm H x 60cm  W showing six generations of the famous Gresley A4 pacific made by ACE Trains.

Price £20.00  Plus Postage.

C/1 Coach Interior Cards.

A complete set of card interior parts to fit  the standard C/1 3 coach set.

All 3rd, all 1st, & brake 3rd coaches.

Can be supplied to suit your needs if required.

Price £9.95p Plus Postage.

C/4 LNER Set A Corridor Partitions.

Interior partitions to fit 1st series C/4 set (A) coaches.

Can also be used to fit in other ACE Trains coaches

Price £9.95 Plus Postage.


Ace Trains Coach Destination Boards.

To fit all existing ACE Trains coaches with

fixing slots. Price £9.95p Plus Postage.

C/1RK Coach Converstion Kit

These roof kits enable a set of three ACE/1 coaches to be re roofed to give them a more modern appearance. All tinplate pieces pre printed or painted just remove old roof and endsand fit new pieces. Chopsticks for tab turning supplied together with simple instructions. 

£19.95p per set including internal printed seat kits in stiff card.

Plus Postage


HB/2 Devon Belle Train Kit

Loco headboard x 1,

Loco side boards x 1 pair, coach boards x 16. 

Price £30 Plus Postage.

Loco headboard x 1, Anglo French Flag x 1, Large Loco arrows x 2.

Price £25. plus Postage


 ACE Trains 2R/3R Universal Free wheeling Coach Wheel Sets

Sold as sets of 4 axles

Price £10.00 per set Plus Postage.

ACE Trains Jewelled Loco Lamps

(2 rear red, 4 front white)

LS/1 Black Square

LS/2 Red Square

LS/3 White Square

LS/4 White Round

Price £6.95 per set Plus Postage.



BR Mk1 coach bogie frame and wheels £20.00 each


Shunters Pole £15.00 Plus Postage

AC/2-2 Water Tower

Last few available at £175. All remaining  stocks have now been bought in and they will only be available via ACE Trains or authorised dealers at the above price.

ACS/1/2/3 Signal Gantry

A reproduction of the Hornby No. 2E Signal Gantry c1938 with some updating including correct signal liveries and LED lighting in cast lamp housings fitted to the original non lit versions.

Price £199 plus post.


Updated version of ACE Times

ACE Times 72 pages full colour featuring all production 1996 - 2015.

Price £5.00 Post Free

Download a PDF version from Products page.

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Order Form


ACS/1 All Home

ACS/3 All Distant

ACS/2 Home & Distant

Print version

SC/1  Spark Arrestor type chimney kit for E/21`s

Simple single screw fixing, 

Price £18.00 Plus Posage



Train name board sets

HB/3 "Royal Scot"

HB/4 "Caledonian"

Includes 1 Smoke-box door headboard.

1 Tail board.

16 Coach boards.

Price £25.00


ACE Signal Gantrys


Power input to the three

types of Gantry should

be no more than 12V.