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All locomotives complete with White disks x 6.


Chimneys as appropriate will be the Bulleid (le Maitre type) or the Maunsell original type.

Both will be supplied.


The numbers given to St. Trinnean's, Fettes and Gordonstoun are the dates of their respective foundations.


Price £545 (Custom Names extra)

Plus Postage.

Finishes have now been confirmed.

Wartime black liveries will be in satin. All others will have coloured areas in gloss and black areas in satin excluding black rims on coloured wheels.

E/10 Schools class Locomotive

We have listened to a number of comments from our customers and have made changes to the model carrying the name Roedean. We now know that the school was requisitioned by the Royal Navy during the war and became a torpedo instruction outpost of HMS Vernon at Portsmouth. With this mind we shall issue a number of the locos in a dark blue livery with a white cab roof still with the nameplate Roedean that includes a reference to HMS Vernon. A pink version of the E/10 will still be issued but named St. Trinnean's with crossed Hockey Sticks suitably mounted on the loco. This follows Lionel's example in the pre and post war period which some might argue is not to be encouraged. However we are in this part of the market to counteract the over seriousness of some in the model train fraternity. Lionel for all their foibles is a Company whose output over the years we greatly admire. Remember Gamages Christmas layouts in the dreary late 1940's. It took nearly 60 years to emulate those layouts when ACE ran a similar layout in Fortnum and Mason for over 3 months prior to Christmas 2002.

In addition we have issued a CR version as did Marklin in the 1930's but we have adopted the names Fettes and Gordonstoun whose famous alumni include Tony Blair and Prince Charles.


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The Footplate Crews for the Roedean and

St. Trinnean's Loco's (Not to scale with the pictures on this page).


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