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ACE Trains re introduced Gauge 0 tin printed coaches to the market after an absence of some 50 years.

One remarkable fact is the new series contained more varieties of liveries than issued by their illustrious predecessors in over 100 years prior to 1999.

All this series were based on a 35cm chassis evoking a full size length of 51ft. Refinements such as Clerestory roofs, rear lights, and interior kits came later.

The ACE/Wright series became an adjunct of both the 35 and 40 cm series.

A spectacular range of articulated sets depicting many of the crack LNER Express trains of the 1930's followed on.

They were followed some 5 years later by a line of 40cm main line stock some of which (C/13 onwards) were fitted with Commonwealth fully sprung bogies.

Although over 15,000 units of one kind or another are in the market, they are an eminent source of material for collectors and runners.


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All the items on this list are no longer available ex stock. Examples may be found on various auction sites or with our dealers as second hand. No guarantees or warranties can be underwritten by ACE Trains in respect of products not bought by the first owners.

Archive Coaches

C/1 35cm Non-Corridor Stock, 1999 Tin printed.

Some of the French coaches have clerestory roofs

C/1 LMS maroon set of 3.* (conversion kits available)

C/1 LMS maroon coaches All 1st 3rd Full Brake

C/1 LNER light teak set of three

C/1CL LNER ex-GER teak clerestory set of 3

C/1 LNER 5 car light teak set Clerestory roofs

C/1 GWR dark brown + cream **

C/1 Southern green set of three

C/1 Metropolitan brown set of 3

C/1 LBSCR brown + white set of 3

C/1 Caledonian plum + white set of 3

C/1 LNWR brown + white set of 3

C/1 BR maroon set of 3

C/1 HRCA 30th Anniversary set of 3

C/NZ NZR as above but with NZ crest set of 3

C/1F ETAT green set of 3

C/1F EST Multi coloured set of 3

C/1F PO green set of 3

C/1F Nord green set of 3

C/1F SNCF green set of 3

C/1F French outline baggage car – green

C/1F The PLM Set comprising five coaches will be introduced in 2006. The Set will include the Postal, Car, Baggage Car and three Passenger Cars.

* Clerestory Roof

** All available with Clerestory Roof


C/1 Electrically powered Multiple Units  (EMU) types

C1E/S  Southern  green 3 coach set  (white roofs)

C1E/S  Southern  green 3 coach set  (grey roofs)

C1E/LM LMS  maroon  3 coach set

C1E/MET  Metropolitan Railway  simulated wood 4 coach set

C1E/D  German Triebwagen 3 coach set

C1E/MET Metropolitan 3-car EMU set consisting of all 3rd



C/2 Merseyside Express Sets (Silvered windows)

Set A

LMS maroon composite 4195

LMS maroon all 3rd 4195

LMS maroon restaurant car 4799

LMS maroon all 1st 4183

LMS maroon brake 3rd 26133

All five above boxed as one set.

Set B

LMS maroon composite, no name boards 4195

LMS maroon all 3rd, no name boards 4195

LMS maroon brake 3rd, no name boards 26133


C/3 LMS Stanier Main Line Coach Kits, 2000

These have lower roofs and cut-out windows. They have with a choice of the following destination boards: ‘The Royal Scot’,

‘The Merseyside Express’, ‘The Mancunian’ and

‘The Yorkshireman’. Apart from the unpainted roofs all other parts were pre coloured.


C/4 LNER Gresley Bow Ended Stock, 2003

(Clear windows)

The coaches are supplied with slots in the roof coach for roof boards to fit them carrying the name ‘Flying Scotsman’. Available either with or with out cut-out windows. The first batch made of Set A had no internal partitions but later ones did or you could have them retrospectively fitted. Rear working light

on the brake end.

C/4 LNER Bow Ended Gresley Teak Stock, 2003

(Black Windows)

All C/4s are Gresley Bow Ended Teak Stock The coaches are supplied with slots in the roof and coach roof boards to fit them carrying the name ‘Flying Scotsman’. A run of only 50 of each. Rear working light on the break end. Corridor partitions where appropriate.

Set A Set of three with rear light as standard

Set of five with two 3rd brake one with rear light

C/4 LNER Teak Buffet car No 650

C/4 LNER Teak Composite Coach. No 63291


C/5 BR Mk.1 Coaches, 2003 (Blood and Custard)

All sets include internal compartments where appropriate. Rear working light on the brake end of Set A.

All with punched out windows. Name boards for ‘The Elizabethan’ included.

Set A Set of 3

Set B Set of 3 to complement set A *

* Also supplied with Corgi/Bassett-Lowke boxed 'Thames Clyde Express Set.

Set of five including full brake


C/6 LNER 1926 Gresley Articulated Sleeping Car Set

Name boards (Kings X - Edinburgh)


C/7 Coronation Articulated Coaches, 2004

(with coach lights and rear light)

blue + white (C) + (B) (all with Silver roofs)

blue + white (A) + (G)

blue + white (D) + (H) Six coaches in boxed set.

The summer car known as The Beaver tail was available as a single unit in 2005.


C/8 1938 Record Breaking Set 2004

1 x 6 car Coronation Set with ACE/Wright

Dynamometer car



This series set new standards in a small runs of ready-to-run special vehicles. The models include lithographed heavily varnished card applied to ACE C/1/C/4/5 and 6 coaches.

Various Stock issued from 2003 through 2005

GWR full brake with low roof

GWR full brake with clerestory roof

LMS full brake Stanier c1930

SR parcel van c1930 with ribbed roof

LMS ex-MR mail van clerestory

GWR siphon with pre-war lettering

LNER 5219 full brake teak ‘The Flying Scotsman’

LMS Stanier Postal van

LNWR Postal Van

SR Cinema Coach

GWR Ocean Mails Coach.

LMS Scenery Van.

BR Postal Van.